Research Suggests Brexit Could Worsen Crisis In Social Care.




Ending free movement within the EU risks exacerbating the social care crisis, according to a new report by the Institute for Public Policy Research, which warned that the UK’s third sector social care organisations were increasingly dependent on hiring EU workers to fill staffing gaps.

IPPR argues that the scale of the impact that Brexit could have on the charity sector workforce will depend on five core considerations: –

  1. The profile of the current EU charity workforce
  2. The future immigration system for EU nationals
  3. The immigration choices of EU nationals
  4. The future demand for EU charity workers
  5. The alternative for charity employers if they are unable to recruit from the EU.

The research found social care charities currently have 90,000 staff vacancies but 87% of all EU charity workers employed in social care would not qualify for work visas under conditions imposed on non-EU nationals. The IPPR suggested charities would be left: ‘facing a perfect storm of high employee churn, skills shortages, low pay, and increasing labour demand’


Research Suggests Brexit Could Worsen Crisis n Social Care.

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