Changes to immigration system without addressing funding is irresponsible


UKHCA reacted strongly to the news that changes to the UK’s immigration system will not include a visa option for low-skilled migrant workers after Brexit and employers.

The Government’s proposals are that skilled workers wanting to come to the UK must have a job offer and a salary of £25,600 or more.

There is no recognition that social care needs to be able to recruit from overseas.
Currently, in England (where the figures are available) 16% of the homecare workforce are non-British nationals (7% from the EU). The proportions vary by Government regions and in London non-British nationals account for 38% of the workforce (note 1).

Failing to recognise the problems of recruitment and retention in social care, the Government has said that it wants to shift the focus of the economy away from relying on “cheap labour from Europe” and that employers will need to adjust.

UKHCA has made strong representations to the Migration Advisory Committee (note 2), saying that social care needs to be able to recruit from overseas in order to meet the growth in demand for social care. Otherwise, there could be significant implications for the health and wealth of the nation.

Colin Angel, Policy Director, UKHCA said:
“We are dismayed by the decision Government has made. Cutting off the supply of prospective careworkers under a new migration system will pave the way for more people waiting unnecessarily in hospital or going without care. Telling employers to adjust, in a grossly underfunded care system, is simply irresponsible.
“The Migration Advisory Committee has told Government it needs to sort out social care funding, but there is no sign of that on the horizon.”

UKHCA will continue to work with our colleagues in the Cavendish Coalition to ensure that the Government understands and acts in the interests of older and disabled people using social care.

Changes to immigration system without addressing funding is irresponsible

Victoria Homecare is a family-owned company providing person-centred care in Doncaster, Rotherham, Wakefield, Pontefract, Castleford, Normanton and Knottingley.  Regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

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