Age UK Highlight The Battle To Get Care At Home




A report by Age UK, Behind the Headlines – the battle to get care at home’ shows that the provision of homecare services has decreased by 3 million hours since 2015. In some areas, councils were unable to provide basic care and support to older people, with assessed needs, because there was a ‘care desert’ and no care available for the council to purchase in the local area.

The publication presents the following issues that seem to be coming up time and again from all parts of the country: –

  • Long waits to get an assessment
  • Services that are disjointed or simply unresponsive
  • Social services refusing to get involved
  • Fundamental lack of capacity in the system
  • Poor quality services and support
  • Support and services being cut back
  • Help for families providing care being withdrawn

The charity noted that the average spend per adult on social care has fallen 13%, from £439 to £379, between 2009/10 and 2016/17 and said it was not surprising that over the same period around 400,000 fewer older people received social care.

Age UK has also said within the report that older people are experiencing a lack of continuity among carers. The charity received feedback from older people and families who are sent new care workers on such a regular basis that they rarely know who is going to show up on any given day.


Age UK Highlight The Battle To Get Care At Home.

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